Good payroll services are essential to keep your staff happy and free up time and resources so you can run your business!

Why it works for you

Given the complexity and increasing number of regulations, care needs to be given to even the smallest payroll. If your payroll is currently operated in-house burdensome but often hidden costs and issues quickly mount up and make this an extremely expensive, time-consuming option. Are any of these part of your payroll nightmares?

  • Staff costs – including cover for absence and holidays
  • Other costs – stationery, printing, computers, software licencing and support, BACS and training all mount up
  • Risk – relying on one member of staff to process your payroll (as is often the case), absence can present serious problems
  • Productivity – payroll management take staff resource away from core business activities
  • Accuracy – payroll mistakes upset your staff as well as HMRC
  • HMRC regulations – these need time and effort even for an experienced specialist to keep up with

By getting Dreampay to manage your payroll services, your business gets so much more than just a smooth transaction!

  • A proactive partner who really understands your business
  • Specialist payroll experts on hand 24/7 – you really can call us anytime
  • No staff absence risk, cost or inconvenience – we will complete your payroll on time, every time
  • We can deal with all payroll queries from staff or HMRC
  • Time and cost savings – so staff can concentrate on growing the business
  • Peace of mind – accurate, HMRC compliant payroll every time
  • Complete confidentiality – our systems are 100% secure
  • All this is part of our Standard Services, with no hidden charges or minimum contract period. Dreampay also provides great value Extra Services that make life even easier and bring wider business benefits.

Of course, no two businesses are the same, but if your company is stretched and growing fast, or has old payroll systems, we are confident we can help make your payroll easier, less stressful and more cost efficient. If you are already outsourcing, partnering Dreampay can provide you with many additional benefits over your current supplier.

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