Whether your payroll is currently in house or outsourced, Dreampay’s process for liaising with your company is simple and effective, saving you time and money.

How it works

  • We set up the best way of exchanging information to make it easy for your company, and the person in your team, who collates the necessary information for hours, bonuses or commissions etc
  • Each payroll period, from weekly to fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or even annual, the information is received by us and processed swiftly
  • We systematically produce payroll reports, which we send to you for approval
  • Your payroll is completed accurately and final reports and payslips are produced in the format of your preference
  • Your team then let us know about inclusion of any other payments to be made by BACS (such as pensions, child care vouchers, PAYE)
  • Payments are sent to BACS so your staff receive their correct pay accurately and on time, every time!

Your company’s information and reports can be provided and arranged by phone, email, fax or via our secure client login area.

Don’t let the tax year ending or concern about transferring from your existing payroll provider stop you from reviewing your existing arrangements. Whatever time of year, or even with the most complex transfer, we are confident we can help make your payroll easier, less stressful and more cost efficient.

Dreampay maintain on-going timely communication flow with clients

  • 1. Client & Dreampay scope brief
  • 2. Client provides information
  • 3. Dreampay processes payroll
  • 4. Client authorises payroll
  • 5. Dreampay processes as required. Payslips posted.
  • 6. Email reports. Feedback

2 Months Trial Guarantee

We are so confident about our services and the benefits you will gain from us as your payroll partner that we have no hidden charges or minimum contract period. We promise that, if after 2 months you are not entirely happy with our service, we will refund all our fees in full and provide you with everything you need to transfer your payroll elsewhere.

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